• Loan secured by the elite buildings that are owned by the borrower

    Recently, people have noted that loans secured by real estate which is owned by the borrower, it is becoming more popular. In some cases, loans can be done if people have the luxury buildings. Thus, during the financial crisis loan mortgage is a special engine that allows you to draw a significant share of our time kreditovaniya.V loan mortgage interest and the borrower and creditors. Financial institutions in such a scheme may involve, first of all, liquid security. It’s no surprise that during the financial crisis on this very much depends. It should be noted that the creditors are interested in not only real estate secondary market, but also the elite new, so in any case, the credit will be available. In addition, the loan secured by real estate is becoming an essential guarantee that credit will be given full pogashen. Predstaviteli financial institutions may seek to consistently put their own resources, which are available at the time of lending. Borrowers interested in favorable credit terms, so pay attention, including the timing. Financial institutions can provide loans without any special conditions for use of funds, and do not require documentation of income that the borrower may receive. In some cases, granted special privileges at the time of initial payment. Special incentives are offered if people agree to provide collateral in the form of elite novostroyki.Po credit can be laid any real estate, but the owner must be the borrower. The main thing to take into account that the size of the loan is always limited to the amount of the expert assessment, which has been installed. Most often, the Russian financial institutions willing to provide 50-80% of the total assessed value of real estate. If the bank does not require the provision of documents confirming the income of the borrower, the loan amount will be less, because the financial risks of the organization should be limited. Borrowers and arrange credit terms, because a large loan can be granted for 25-30 years. If the elite new features on bail, the banks are particularly interested and can offer even more attractive usloviya. Dlya credit should be given the act of peer review, as well as documents that would confirm the borrower’s ownership of real estate, life insurance and ability to work, and real estate from various types of damage.


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